Courses Taught by M. A. Azgomi


Graduate courses:

       Dependable Software Systems (M.S. course, last taught: Winter 2017)

       Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems (PECS) (M.S. course, last taught: Fall 2017)

       Secure Software Design  (M.S. course, last taught: Fall 2015)

       Secure Computer Systems (M.S. course, last taught: Fall 2015)

       Security of Software Systems (Ph.D. course, last taught: Winter 2013)

       Advanced Topics in Software Systems Security (Ph.D. course, last taught: Winter 2012)

       Network Security (M.S. course, last taught: Fall 2011)

       Communication and Concurrency (C&C)(Model Checking) (M.S. course, last taught: Winter 2011)

       Stochastic Processes (Ph.D. course, last taught: Fall 2009)

       Data Protection (Ph.D. course, last taught: Fall 2009)

       Fundamentals of Cryptography (M.S. course, last taught: Fall 2008)

       Electronic Commerce Technologies (M.S. course, last taught: Winter 2006)

Undergraduate courses:

        Formal Methods in Software Engineering (last taught: Fall 2017)

        Software Testing (ST) (last taught: Winter 2017)

        Discrete Methematics (DiM) (last taught: Winter 2016)

        Computer Simulation (last taught: Fall 2014)

        Scientific and Technical Presentation Methods (last taught: Fall 2014)

        Theory of Computation (last taught: Winter 2011)

        Concurrent Programming (last taught: Winter 2009)

        Advanced Programming (last taught: Winter 2009)

        Fundamentals of Computer and Programming (last taught: Fall 2008)

        Information Technology Engineering I (last taught: Winter 2007)

        Machine Language and System Programming (last taught: Fall 2006)

        Principles of Design and Implementation of Compilers (last taught: Fall 2005)


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