Final Scores: Algorithm Design, Evolutionary Algorithms, Artificial Neural Networks


I have taught these courses from 2006 to now:

Bachelor Courses:

1. Artificial Intelligence (To download course slides: Ch3, Ch4, Ch5, Ch7, Ch8, Ch9)
2. Data Structure (To download course slides. For more references, you may download the ebook: "Introdution to Algorithms" by CLRS, Sample Midterm)
3. Algorithm Design (To download course slides: Ch1-4, Sample Final Exam)
4. Compiler Design
5. Theory of Languages & Automata

Master Courses:

1. Data Mining (To download course slides)
2. Evolutionary Computing (To download course slides: Ch1, Ch2, Ch3-1, Ch3-2, Ch5, Ch6)
3. Artificial Neural Networks (To download course slides: Ch1, Ch2-1, Ch2-2, Ch3, Ch4, Ch5)


1. Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran
2. Babol Noshirvani University of Technology, Babol
3. Mazandaran University of Science & Technology, Babol
4. Islamic Azad University