Research and Educational Awards

  • 2010, Ranked 1st among 5 incoming PhD students (PhD), Iran University of Science & Technology, Tehran.
  • 2009, Invited to PhD interview as brilliant student without the entrance exam in "Iran Uni. of Science & Tech."
  • 2009, Graduated 3rd over 24 students in class (M.Sc.), Iran University of Science & Technology, Tehran.
  • 2008, Best Paper Award, National Conference on Computer, Electronic and Information Technology (CEIC08), Hamedan, Iran.
  • 2006, Graduated 3rd over 50 students in class (B.Sc.), Payam Nour University, Babol.



  • 2012-now, Member of “National Elite Foundation” of Iran, Tehran


Reviewer of Journals/Conferences

  • 2008-now, Journal of Pattern Recognition Letters, Elsevier (Thomson ISI Indexed), ISSN: 0167-8655.
  • 2011, 3rd National Conference on Computer Engineering and Information Engineering, Hamedan, Iran.
  • 2009, 5th International Joint Conference on INC, IMS and IDC (NCM09), Seoul, Korea.