Welcome to my personal page

I received my Ph.D. degree in Computer engineering from Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, in 2011. I am an associate professor at Department of Computer Engineering at Iran University of Science and Technology. I established Dependable Systems and Architecture Laboratory in Department of Computer Engineering at IUST.

International Research Collaborations:

◦ Grenoble Institute of Technology, LCIS Laboratory, France.
Collaboration on a project on Design of Processor Core for health care applications
◦ Boston University, Adaptive & Secure Computing Systems Laboratory, USA.
Collaboration on different research projects in the field of hardware design

Research Interests:

My Reseach interests span different topics in Hardware & Architecture, Dependable Systems and Low Power Design as follows:

Reliable VLSI Circuits and Systems:

◦ Reliability Issues in VLSI Circuits and Emerging Technology: Soft Errors, Aging Effects, Process Variation
◦ Robust VLSI Circuit Design
◦ Soft Error Rate Estimation in VLSI Circuits
◦ Reliability Modeling & Estimation: Analytical and Experimental Approaches

IoT Systems:

◦ Realtime Systems
◦ Low Power Systems
◦ Dependable Systems
◦ Hardware/Software Co-design of Systems

Computer Architecture:

◦ Fault-Tolerant Computer Architeure
◦ Thermal and Power Management in Many Core Architectures
◦ Reliability issues in Chip Multi-Processors (CMPs) and Many Core Architectures
◦ Emerging Memory Technologies: PCM, STTRAM, MRAM

Low Power Design:

◦ System Level Power Analysis and Management
◦ Thermal Management in Many Core Architectures
◦ Circuit Level Low Power Design