Welcome to my personal page

I received my Ph.D. degree in Computer engineering from Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, in 2011. Currently, I am an associate Professor in Department of Computer Engineering at Iran University of Science and Technology. I established and chaired Dependable Systems and Architecture Laboratory and Networked and Embedded Systems Laboratory in Department of Computer Engineering at IUST since 2011. My Reseach interests span different topics in Hardware & Embedded Architecture, Dependable Systems and Low Power Design as follows:

Reliable VLSI Circuits and Systems:

◦ Reliability Issues in VLSI Circuits and Emerging Technology: Soft Errors, Aging Effects, Process Variation
◦ Robust VLSI Circuit Design
◦ Soft Error Rate Estimation in VLSI Circuits
◦ Reliability Modeling & Estimation: Analytical and Experimental Approaches

Hardware Security:

◦ Hardware Security and Trust
◦ IP Piracy Prevention: Logic Encryption and Obfuscation
◦ Hardware Trojan Detection and Avoidance

Embedded Systems:

◦ Realtime Embedded Systems
◦ Low Power Embedded Systems
◦ Dependable Embedded Systems
◦ Hardware/Software Co-design of Embedded Systems

Computer Architecture:

◦ Fault-Tolerant Computer Architeure
◦ Thermal and Power Management in Many Core Architectures
◦ Reliability issues in Chip Multi-Processors (CMPs) and Many Core Architectures
◦ Emerging Memory Technologies: PCM, STTRAM, MRAM

Low Power Design:

◦ System Level Power Analysis and Management
◦ Thermal Management in Many Core Architectures
◦ Circuit Level Low Power Design