Graduated MSc students:


        Mohammad Toranj Simin, Iterative algorithms based on Fejer processes, September 2011.

        Hadiseh Sajadi Fard, Regularization parameters and its application for solving linear systems, September 2011.

        Ali Akbar Ostovar, A projection method for semidefinite linear systems and its applications, September 2011.

        Soghra Farahani, Block iterative algorithms with projections for linear feasibility problems, July 2012.

        Mahboobeh Ghorbani, A parallel subgradient projections methods, July 2012.

        Mina Aghaei, Necessary and sufficient convergence conditions for image reconstruction algorithms, July 2012.

        Narjes Abdi, Semi convergence and relaxation parameters for a class of simultaneous algorithms, July 2012.

        Zeynab Mohamadi, Upper bounds on the largest singular value of a matrix and its applications, July 2012.

        Narjes Abdi, Semi-convergence and relaxation parameters for a class of simultaneous algorithms, July 2012..

        Saeedeh Kamjoo, The truncated singular value decomposition as a method for regularization, September 2013.

        Negar Ajdari, A discrete L-carve for the regularization of ill-posed inverse problems, September 2013.

        Farid Abdollahi, Estimation of regularization parameter by L-carve and U-carve methods, September 2013.

        Maryam Bagheri, Tikhonov regularization and total least squares, November, 2013.

        Hossein Nasserpour, Iterative method for image reconstruction and some regularization methods. November, 2013.

        Hassan Nikmarvani, Convergence studies on iterative algorithms for image reconstruction, September 2014.

        Shabnam Tarkham, A general extending and constraining procedure for linear iterative methods, September 2014.

        mozhgan zeinalpour, Constraining by a family of strictly nonexpansive idempotent function with application in image, September 2014.

        Somaye Souri, Projected gradient methods for linearly constrained problems, September 2014.

        Kasra Isapour, Extrapolation and local acceleration of an iterative process for common fixed point problem, December 2015.

        Navid Taghipour, Semi-convergence properties of Kaczmarz's method, December 2015.

        Zeynab Habibi, Application of variational model in medical imaging and surgery, December 2015.

        Sahar Yarmohammad-touski, An optimal first order method for strongly convex total variation regularization, December 2015.


Graduated PhD students:

        Mokhtar Abbasi, Applications of projection methods in convex feasibility problems, May 2015

        Mahdi Mirzapour, Algorithmic operators in convex feasibility problems and applications in medical imaging, December 2016

        Mehdi Karimpour, The Landweber algorithm for solving linear feasibility problems and its applications in image reconstruction, January 2017