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A little summary ...

I got my PhD, Master and B.Sc. from Iran University of Science and Technology ( hyperlinked in the title) in 2014, 2011 and 2009 respectively. Currently I am an assistant professor in the software group.

Research Interests

My Final PhD thesis was on Computational Trust Modeling. This is why one of my major interests currently lies in this field. Other research areas that I work on and am highly interested about are as follows:

1.Scheduling, orchestration and auto-scaling in cloud computing environments.

2. Socio- Computational Systems.

3. Context Aware Computing.

4. Automatic refactoring.


Industrial Interests

My main industrial interest lies in the following fields:

1. Computer games ( for fun and Profit ).

2. Game Analysis and Quantitative Metrics for F2P Monetization.

3. Enterprise software development.


Recent News

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