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Distributed Systems Lab at Iran University of Science and Technology is led by Prof. Mohsen Sharifi.

General research interests of DSL spans the broad area of challenges associated with Distributed Computing and Systems, Wireless Sensor (Actor) Networks, Cloud Computing Environments, and Computer Security and Web Engineering. The publications and selected presentations in each area may be found on the corresponding page for each research area. All three areas are mostly pursued within the context of Distributes Systems by focusing on how to engineer and develop appropriate System Software in support of requirements of such systems. Special focus is on distributed operating systems and high performance computing.

The overall research interests span the broad fields of concepts, paradigms, models, languages, algorithms, architectures, infrastructures, frameworks, protocols and formalisms for operating systems, distributed computations, scientific computing, high performance cluster computing, wireless sensor networks, wireless sensor actor networks, mobile computing, virtualization and cloud computing, peer to peer computing, autonomic computing, ubiquitous and pervasive computing, web engineering, and privacy & security concepts. The ultimate research interest is to find the knowhow and technology of engineering a truly distributed operating system, i.e. a kernelware, with embedded basic cells and primitives in support of all types of foreseen and unforeseen! computations, running on heterogeneous platforms.


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