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Advanced Operations Research
Fall 2010

اسفایدما بم رنز رسالی شدلد.


Course Materials
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Complexity Theory
02_Complexity Theory_01.pdf
02_Complexity Theory_02.pdf
Part 3: Metaheuristic Development Methodology
03_Metaheuristic Development Methodology.pdf
Part 4: Comparison of Metaheuristic Algorithms
04_Comparison of Metaheuristic Algorithms.pdf
Part 5: Simulated Annealing
05_Simulated Annealing_01.pdf
05_Simulated Annealing_02.pdf
05_Simulated Annealing_03.pdf
Part 6: Tabu Search
06_Tabu Search_01.pdf
06_Tabu Search_02.pdf
06_Tabu Search_03.pdf
06_Tabu Search_04.pdf
Part 7: Genetic Algorithms
07_Genetic Algorithms_01.pdf
07_Genetic Algorithms_02.pdf
07_Genetic Algorithms_03.pdf
Part 8: Ant Colony Optimization
08_Ant Colony Optimization_01.pdf
08_Ant Colony Optimization_02.pdf
08_Ant Colony Optimization_03.pdf
08_Ant Colony Optimization_04.pdf
08_Ant Colony Optimization_05.pdf

Test problems:

Test Problems